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MyKopcha in addition to being a co-working space also is a startup incubator that invites business plans that are innovative, sustainable and scalable. One of the important resource along with investments, entrepreneurs look for is mentorship. We believe mentorship and investments go hand in hand for any startup or business plans. Mentorship that has value of relationship, mentorship that has strong commitment not only towards startup but also towards the entrepreneurs, mentorship that converts trust into faith and builds a long lasting relationship that lasts longer than monetary relationship.


MyKopcha invites entrepreneurs with an idea to make a difference through their startups. We invite business plans with proof of concept, startups with early revenues, startups with steady revenues to apply and get mentored along with funding.

My Kopcha - The Work Lounge offers co-working space for freelancer, consultants, startups, corporates, SME’s or any indivdual who wish to use the co-working space to either co-work or host events. MyKopcha has everything you need to give your business more productivity. Unlimited high speed internet connectivity, unlimited tea and coffee, purified drinking water, in house clean washroom facility, IT support, ergonomically designed chairs, space located at the main road, close by coffee shops, clinics and restaurants etc and much more to experience.

India is witnessing a major growth in entrepreneurship — not because of its X factor but out of the need for its citizens to create their own jobs. With more than 65 percent of the population under 35 years of age and a record-breaking growth in smartphone adoption and data services across the country, there has been a rising demand for next-generation services with simplified solutions.

While India has been seeing this increasing trajectory of entrepreneurs and new start-ups over the last five years, 2016 has been a major milestone year for all of the key stakeholders in the Indian ecosystem — including government, educational institutions, entrepreneurship supported organizations, investors and entrepreneurs — to seek and provide support in sustaining the biggest hurricane of entrepreneurship to date.


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We use funding and mentorship as two prongs to support entrepreneurs/startups

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